More of Sr. Mary Z.

22 Aug

You can also find more of her quips at: Conversations in the Convent

Managing arachnophobia

22 Aug

I sent this tweet to Sr. Mary Z who HATES spiders: from Jon Marcus Grodi on Twitter: I’m now managing my arachnophobia by imagining spiders w/squeaky cartoon voices, canadian accents, and polite amiable demeanors.

She responded: Big black one just dropped in front of my face.  Cartoon spiders don’t work for me. Killing with a big box was much better.  I also think Charlotte’s Web is a terrorist plot.


No justice

7 Jun

Sr. Mary Z. was talking with Sister X who was having to have a stress test.  Sister X is in great shape, slim, a regular runner, so Sr. Mary Z. was attempting to comfort her:

“I am 40 pounds overweight.  I get out of breath climbing the stairs.  I eat nothing green unless it has cheese on it.  There is no justice in this world!”

Too many

1 Jun

Discussing how our cat killed a chipmunk:

Sister 1: “He must have broken his neck.  That’s how they kill them.”

Sr. Mary Z: “You’ve been reading too many murder mysteries.”

Forgetting things

23 May

After having forgotten to do something:

“If I don’t write things down these days they do not exist.”

But really . . .

17 May

Sr. Mary’s response to a friend who is beginning a propaedeutic year of a diaconate program:

“. . . but really, can’t they just call it a discernment year?  “propaedeutic” sounds like a bladder control med.  Guess where I serve ;-).”

(She works with the elderly . . . )

Don’t hit him

17 Apr

Sr. Sarah was sharing at breakfast the other morning about her challenges with a particular person.  Msgr. L, who had just given a homily at Mass about taking up our cross, responded, “Take up your cross.”  Sr. Mary Z then piped in, “Just don’t hit him with it!”  😉

A murder mystery

12 Jan

Long time since I’ve posted here . . .

We were just on retreat together.  Some of the Sisters had to leave early over a couple of days because of various commitments.  Sr. Mary Z. quipped: “I feel like I’m living in a murder mystery.  People keep disappearing.”



1 Dec

Adjusting to the new Mass parts can be challenging, as a lot of you know.  Sr. Mary came up with a unique response this week to the priest’s, “The Lord be with you.”  Sr. Mary reponded: “And also with . . . shoot!”  😉


1 Aug

Sr. Mary was helping one of the other Sisters put some chairs away up in the loft of our garage.  She was passing them up the stairs, but accidentally dropped one before the Sister above had a hold of it.  It fell back on her, hitting her in the head.  When asked if she was all right, Sr. Mary quipped: “It didn’t hurt anything I use.”  🙂