More of Sr. Mary Z.

22 Aug

You can also find more of her quips at: Conversations in the Convent

Managing arachnophobia

22 Aug

I sent this tweet to Sr. Mary Z who HATES spiders: from Jon Marcus Grodi on Twitter: I’m now managing my arachnophobia by imagining spiders w/squeaky cartoon voices, canadian accents, and polite amiable demeanors.

She responded: Big black one just dropped in front of my face.  Cartoon spiders don’t work for me. Killing with a big box was much better.  I also think Charlotte’s Web is a terrorist plot.

No justice

7 Jun

Sr. Mary Z. was talking with Sister X who was having to have a stress test.  Sister X is in great shape, slim, a regular runner, so Sr. Mary Z. was attempting to comfort her:

“I am 40 pounds overweight.  I get out of breath climbing the stairs.  I eat nothing green unless it has cheese on it.  There is no justice in this world!”

Too many

1 Jun

Discussing how our cat killed a chipmunk:

Sister 1: “He must have broken his neck.  That’s how they kill them.”

Sr. Mary Z: “You’ve been reading too many murder mysteries.”

Forgetting things

23 May

After having forgotten to do something:

“If I don’t write things down these days they do not exist.”

But really . . .

17 May

Sr. Mary’s response to a friend who is beginning a propaedeutic year of a diaconate program:

“. . . but really, can’t they just call it a discernment year?  “propaedeutic” sounds like a bladder control med.  Guess where I serve ;-).”

(She works with the elderly . . . )

Don’t hit him

17 Apr

Sr. Sarah was sharing at breakfast the other morning about her challenges with a particular person.  Msgr. L, who had just given a homily at Mass about taking up our cross, responded, “Take up your cross.”  Sr. Mary Z then piped in, “Just don’t hit him with it!”  😉