If it’s chocolate

12 Mar

Sr. Mary Z.  just turned 50.  As she was leaving her house on her birthday, one of the Sisters handed her a small gift bag and told her it contained a gift for each decade of her life.  Sr. Mary Z.’s response?  “If it’s chocolate, I’m willing to be 70!”


26 Oct

I recently got an e-mail from Sr. Mary Z. in which she mentioned that she had two questions for me.  However, she only phrased one in her e-mail.  When I replied, wondering what the other question was, she quipped: “The second question got stuck in my elbow.  You know, between my brain and my fingers.”

A balanced diet

13 Oct

At a recent Emmanuel House meeting, the staff were discussing the importance of a balanced diet.  Sr. Mary Z. piped up, “The way I look at it–if you can carry a tray full of food to the table with two hands without spilling it, that’s a balanced diet!”

Does Obama know this?

27 Sep

One of the live-in volunteers at Sr. Mary Z.’s Emmanuel House has to move out.  Here’s Sr. Mary’s tongue-in-cheek take on it:

NN., who moved in last February, will be leaving at the end of October.  Her job as also recently gone full time and includes some management responsibilities.  She feels she cannot do two jobs and is welcome to move back in with her sister.  I will be sure to copy this to Obama.  I hear he is looking for proof the recession is over.

“Hey, back up a minute.”

9 Sep

This morning after Mass, conversation was flying around among the five or so of us who were making breakfast.  The topic was changing quickly as we caught up with each other about the past day.  All of a sudden, Sr. Mary Z. interrupts: “Hey, I have to back up this conversation about five steps.  I had only one sibling and she’s seven years younger.”

My life verse

26 Aug

This morning after Mass, Sr. Mary, who suffers from chronic insomnia, commented, “I discovered my life verse in this morning’s gospel: ‘Jesus said to his disciples, “Stay awake!”‘–and that’s about the depth of my meditation.”